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In 2009 the LORD gave us a vision to reach the lost in South Florida especially Miami our hometown. To go to those same clubs, bars, and streets we used to hang out in when we were living in the world, at the same time we used to 'enjoy' them when we were living in lusts of our flesh to reach out to the lost. To go where people in the church seemed to be afraid to go. The LORD told us to go, and we were obedient to His call.

Since then we've seen a great harvest of souls from South Beach and other areas of Miami Dade & Broward, not for a 'church' or organization, but for the LORD. For we believe the same GOD who is mighty to save us in our sins is still mighty to keep us saved in Him. Our salvation is not reliant on what ourselves or other men may do, the actions and/or deeds of the flesh. But only only the power of God working in our lives.

To impart the vision to other believers we believe it is essential to train and encourage the Body of Christ to fulfill the great commission given to us by Jesus Christ. What paralyzes so many believers is fear to speak out. This is a fear which does not come from the Spirit of God, but of the enemy which wages war against our souls.

And so, understanding we are in the greatest battle the world has ever known, we constantly strive to please our Commanding Officer in every way by becoming 'the expendables' in this of GOD's special forces. We step into the line of fire, knowing with boldness in the most practical of ways 'greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world'.

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