Should Christians Live in Fear?

If a doctrine has no application, then it has no relevance to the Christian life. What is the application of the Doctrine of Eternal Security? One application is to consider whether Christians should live in fear of going to hell. And if so, on what basis should they fear? Free Grace advocates a “no fear” philosophy, regardless of the performance of the supposed “Christian”. And even if one falls away and doesn’t believe in Christ such a person is still supposedly “saved”. Lordship Salvation advocates that Christians should fear that perhaps they are only nominal Christians and have yet to be born of God. And thus they don’t fear losing salvation, but they fear that they may not have gained it yet. Arminians advocate that Christians should fearthat they may lose their salvation. The Bible advocates the Calvinist point of view on this issue, as there are clear warnings to make sure you have been born of God, as in 2Cor 13:5, and warnings to nominal Christians against falling away (as I deal with below), yet the security of the true believer is also clearly advocated (as in Ephesians 1 and 1John 4:15-18) and other places. In fact 1John 4:18 advocates no fear of condemnation for those living in Christ as does Romans 8.

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