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Finding a church can be a difficult, time consuming experience. It often takes a great deal of patient persistence, especially if you are looking for a church after moving into a new community or have just given your heart to Jesus and what to know the diffrenaxes of denominations.

Below you will find a brief description is different group of the body of Christ and we have included a link so you can find the right place to worship near you.

Baptist Church

While there are all kinds of churches, certainly one of the most prevalent types is a Baptist church. This type of church is one that finds its doctrines most closely aligned with the protestant denominations known as Baptist. A church is a group of people who meet together regularly in the public practice of their individual relationships with God. Many churches have a different set of collective beliefs, which is where the different Christian denominations come from. A Baptist church is a group of people who meet together regularly in the practice of their Christian religion. These meetings are for times of prayer, Bible study, worship, fellowship, to serve one another, and to go out together and tell others about God's salvation, whether through singing Christmas carols, serving in a homeless shelter, or witnessing to others door to door. Baptist is one of the largest of the "protestant" denominations that would include Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, among others.

What makes a Baptist church distinctive from other types of churches? A church's doctrine is kind of like a church's identity. It tells the world what that church believes and does not believe. The doctrine of a Baptist church includes such fundamental things as "the priesthood of the individual believer". That means that individual Christians can pray directly to God, and hear directly from God without going through a human "mediator" such as a priest, Jesus' mother Mary, a church denomination's leaders, etc. The way this fundamental belief plays out in the life of the individual Christians is very significant in their religious practices. For one thing there is no need for scheduled "confessions" to a priest to receive forgiveness of your sins. Additionally, individuals do not have to have the Bible, God's Word, explained to them by a priest in order for them to get any useful knowledge or learning out of it. Finally, the "priesthood of the believer" means that an individual has full access to all the fullness of God's revelation to people without going through bureaucracy of a specific denomination and their past public writings.

The public meetings or gatherings of a Baptist church for the aforementioned reasons can be as diverse as the people who attend them, the countries in which they are located, and the demographics of the community in which they meet. Typically the church meets at least once a week for a time of public worship. This public worship service includes a time of singing, and a time of preaching or teaching. In the time of singing, people sing together some songs that are led by someone all for the purpose of praising God and worshipping him with our voices and musical ability. We sing about God's love for us his people, we sing about our thankfulness to him for the way he takes care of us his people, and we sing about the greatness of his son Jesus Christ. Our worship to God with our voices in song is pleasing to God, but it is also very good for us. Christians believe that God made us to worship him and we consequently enjoy this very much when we do it, even here on this earth before we get into heaven for eternity. During the preaching or teaching time in the public worship service, someone who has prepared beforehand will present a lesson to the other people, that is based on some passage or passages from the Bible. Bible teaching is the primary way public instruction is given to Christians for the purpose of teaching us more about God and for teaching us more about what God wants from us as his people.

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